LED technology at the highest level.

Quality from the very start

"Made in Germany" runs through the entire planning, construction and manufacturing process for RUCO products. At the Augsburg site, lighting concepts and luminaires are being created for all areas of commerce, architecture and object lighting. Continuity combined with innovation is our claim in the creation of the assortment. Our products are constantly being developed to meet technical and formal market requirements.

New products in our assortment:

The current spotlight series MD-Spot comes with an exceptional cooling management and shines with its decorative design and an enormous light output. The MD family consists of different variants for accent lighting. MD-Spot is available as a track or recessed spot and as pendant luminaire variant.

The attractive and economical aisle lighting D-Line creates even light on the goods and provides structure in the paths. With just one luminaire, even use of the light is guaranteed to ensure that the light is directed to the left and right. Homogeneous light on the shelves calms the eye and makes it easier for customers to choose products. D-Line is available as a track and installation variant.

The LED surface light MT-Type impresses with its minimalist design and straightforwardness. Their flexibility and the four different lens optics (30 °, 60 °, 90 ° and Batwing) make them multifunctional - namely, where surfaces and products are to be staged equally.

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